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Despite my little airline cold which deprived me of one afternoon by reason of an unavoidable nap, I had walkarounds on each of the five days I was in Paris ... in the Marais (twice), on the Left Bank (thrice), from the Eiffel Tower to the Champs Elysée, and from the Marais towards the Opéra Garnier.
I stumbled into the Ecole des Beaux Arts. I evidently was not supposed to be there, and I managed to bang my head on a protuberant hinge as I squeezed past a barrier. A guard came out to check on my head, and I assured him I had survived none the worse for wear. So he let me proceed. It appears to me that many stated rules in Paris are loosely ignored. Fascinating ruins of a place ... the photo above is from a large seemingly abandonned hall perhaps called the Musée des Etudes.
The Pompidou Center is among the ugliest buildings I have ever witnessed ... and I typically enjoy modern architecture. One flaw in any excess of glass and plastic is that it needs cleaning and attention. When it gets none, it quickly comes to resemble a prison cafeteria. When I was there, the square was abandoned even as the streets around it hummed. There was a quartet of Mongolian throat singers ... called overtone singing. Very impressive. I bought the CD.
I take a lot of photos of windows which I have included here, and a few more in “Street Art.” My photographic interests tend toward the male, frankly, and Paris is awash in windows devoted to the female. The women of Paris truly are as elegant and stylish as their reputation promises, but the men, just as skinny, apparently spend rather less time on fashion. Not that there weren’t fashion plates scattered about, but a damned sight fewer of them than fabulous dames.
My photos of the Eiffel Tower are in the section called “Structure.” Photos of churches are in “Sulphur.”
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Paris, September 2006
In the Marais
Le Marais
Pour me
Ecole des Beaux Arts
In the Metro
Place de la Concorde
Défense d’entrer
Window, Le Marais
Window, Le Marais
Window, Place des Vosges
Boulangerie, Le Marais
Wall, Le Marais
Near St.-Eustache
Sign and Pigeon
Ecole des Beaux Arts


Looking Up



Street Art



Musée d’Orsay