Five Days in Paris, September 6-10, 2006
I like short trips because they force focus ... and five days in Paris was certainly a case in point. The forecast promised three days of rain, but in fact it was five days of spectacular skies and balmy temperatures, and the evenings required no jacket at all. I stayed in the Hotel Pratic in the Marais, across from a square that I believe is called Place Ste. Catherine, but there was no sign. The days in Paris were fabulous, notwithstanding suffering a little airline cold that nettled but did not interfere. Alas, the five happy days were bookended by horrible air travel ... and I normally love the act of flying in and of itself. Better the flights be awful than the visit! So it was five days of museums, walking around, shooting whatever struck my fancy. I have not processed these photos at all, including not doing the typical sharpening that all digital images require ... just want to get them out there. Comments and thoughts welcome at foto at gunung dot com.
BTW, this whole site is in Optima ... the type face ... if it is showing up on your browser in Arial, that omnipresent typographical excrescence, do me, and yourself, the favor of adjusting your preferences so that at least you are looking at Helvetica.
Each of these pages has a complete menu bar on the left. To start the slide show on any given page, scroll past my verbiage and click on any thumbnail. There are a few repeated images here and there, but I tried to keep that limited. No people! This trip convinced me that I am going to have to get a digital SLR because people-shooting with a Canon Elph is impossible.
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Paris, September 2006


Looking Up



Street Art



Musée d’Orsay