My Dead Friends:
Occasional Writings

A Panegyric, by Stephen Arod Shirreffs

April 20, 1996

The last forty-eight hours have seen a little, unexpected visitation of AIDS chills. On Thursday, my weekly B.A.R. obits cruise revealed that Lendle Spears had died last month. B.A.R. is the Bay Area Reporter, the paper of record for San Francisco gay male AIDS deaths; the obits are normally on page 22, but this week they're on page 24. Then, last night, very late, after prusing a large array of Christian personal confessional-type sites, I aimlessly inquired of Alta Vista whether my old friend Tom Buhr had opened a site. Indeed, a site had been opened for him. Here's the text:


Canada 1995 / 16 mm / N&B-B&W; / 8 min.
Real./Dir., Scen./Script, Phot./Camera, Mont./Ed. & Prod.: Glen Sanford. Mus.: Emily Faryna. Int./Cast: Glen Sanford, Eylen Rodriguez, Steve Palmer.

DOCUMENTAIRE. Tom Buhr, photographe de Vancouver et grand ami du cineaste, est mort des suites du sida. Le film aborde le theme de l'artiste face a la maladie et l'influence que celle-ci exerce sur l'art qu'il pratique.

DOCUMENTARY. This film recreates a period of my life immediately before and after I learned of the death of my friend, Vancouver-based photographer Tom Buhr. The film reflects on how his art was influenced by living with AIDS and how being an artist influenced the way he lived with AIDS.

- Glen Sanford etudie a l'Universite Concordia, a Montreal.
- Glen Sanford is a student at Concordia University in Montreal.

And then, this morning, I got a note from Kurt's brother, from whom he was estranged. So, I've held my breath for the day ... not morosely, or even sadly. When the chills come back, I try to ride with them, shuddering as they demand, and carrying on about my business in closer contact with the memories of my lost men. So, I've written something about Tom.

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